Internal Award Application

General Notice

Carefully read through and understand the award policies and procedures before submitting your application. Note that ineligible or incomplete applications are not reviewed; however, the Graduate Office will not review application files prior to submission because it is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that application documents are up-to-date, accurate, and complete prior to submission. File revision after submission is not possible. Furthermore, due to the confidential nature of the adjudication process, reviewer comments are not retained; therefore, feedback regarding specific applications is not available.

Application Process

Recommended procedure


  1. Review award descriptions and eligibility criteria
  2. Inform referee of your intent to apply
  3. Prepare and verify the award documents
  4. Submit award documents to the online application
    • The application will require the following attachments in pdf:
      • Curriculum vitae
      • Transcript (ACORN printouts are acceptable)
      • Committee meeting form (most recent)
      • SGS financial need assessment form
  5. Follow up with referee to ensure that the supporting letter invitation was received by email (because automated emails may be trapped by aggressive spam/junk email filters)


General policy

  • You must be a registered student in Biomedical Engineering
  • Your supervisor must be a core or cross-appointed faculty member
  • Your supervisor must provide a supporting letter for your application
  • You are responsible for ensuring the completeness of your application (e.g. transcripts, etc.)
  • You must have good academic standing (e.g. you had a supervisory committee meeting this current or previous year)
  • Whereas you may apply for multiple awards (selectable in the online application), you must not submit more than one application (applicants with multiple applications are disqualified)
  • Funds are normally awarded to students within the funded cohort of their respective programs (applicants beyond these years will only be considered under exceptional circumstances)
  • Awards are tenable for one year only and are not automatically renewed; however, students may re-apply in subsequent years

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