Award Schedule

All deadlines are posted as they become available. BME application submission deadlines take precedence over dates indicated elsewhere. Refer to the SGS Awards list for a comprehensive list of fellowships, bursaries, grants, and awards.

Please note: that the departmental contribution to basic funding (also known as “U of T Fellowship – BME”) is provided only to students without any major award(s). Major award holders will have the departmental contribution replaced by award funds.  If a student were to receive multiple awards whereby the sum of all awards was equal to (or greater than) $10,000 CAD, then that student would also be considered the holder of a major award. For the student funding breakdown and our funding policies, please see our Tuition and Funding page. 

Financial needs-based grants, loans, and/or bursaries would not count as a major award and therefore would be included on top of the funding packages and awards that students receive.


Please direct your inquiries to the following contacts:
BME Awards: Help Centre
OGS Awards:
General Inquiries:
Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Graduate Financial Advisors:

2020-21 SGS Info Sessions for Students on Federal and Provincial Awards

Recordings from SGS Tri-Agency awards and OGS information sessions for students are now available via Quercus (click here) for streaming. The slides from SGS presentations are also available on the SGS website within each of the award’s pages under the “Additional Info” section:

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