The Supervisory Committee Meeting

UPDATE: Students may request Bb Collaborate (video conferencing) for virtual meetings, defenses, group work, etc. Email the Graduate Office with your UTORmail for access.


Q: How should I obtain wet signatures for my form?

A: Ideally, all participants should digitally sign the pdf form. If faculty members are unable to sign/edit the pdf, consensus requires a response from each committee member, which could stand in place of wet signatures. The Chair (or student) should email the meeting form to the Graduate Office and copy (cc) all participants with explicit instruction for members to respond. Then all committee members should confirm their approval of the form in a response to the Graduate Office using REPLY ALL.


Committee members’ expertise should be appropriate to evaluate the breadth and depth of the proposed project to advise the student on all aspects of the project and ensure that the research goals are substantial and achievable within the designated timeframe of the student’s program length. Committee members should make themselves available as mentors for the student to address curriculum requirements, provide additional resources, resolve technical/experimental difficulties, offer career advice, etc.


For more information, consult the SGS Supervision Guidelines for Students.