Course Descriptions

The Institute aims to deliver high-quality academic experiences to prepare all trainees for careers in academia and industry. In parallel to advancements in the field, coursework evolves to deliver world-class education in Biomedical Engineering. Course offerings may change as new courses become available. Not all courses are available each year (some courses are only available in alternate years). Thus, students are advised to refer to the course calendar for the full listing of available courses.

This page lists the full catalogue of graduate- and undergraduate-level courses in Biomedical Engineering. Use the rapid access buttons (on the right side) to quickly navigate to your desired level.

Graduate Courses

Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Dentistry (DEN)
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Biomedical Engineering/Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (JCB)
Biomedical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering (JEB)
Biomedical Engineering/Physiology (JPB)
Biomedical Engineering/Materials Science & Engineering (JMB)
Genome Biology and Bioinformatics (JTB)
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry/Materials Science and Engineering (JTC)
Physics (PHY)

Undergraduate Courses

There are six courses that are part of the undergraduate biomedical engineering (BME) minor. Students must fulfill 3.0 credits from the following courses to have the BME minor included in their official transcript.