Hans Kunov

Hans Kunov

Professor Emeritus

MSc (Denmark), PhD (Denmark), PEng

Research Stream: Clinical Engineering

Email: h.kunov@utoronto.caTel: 416 978-6712 | Office: Lassonde Mining Building (MB), 170 College Street, Room 331

Main Appointments

  • Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Acoustics and hearing

We have worked for a number of years on the acoustics of hearing and speech, with particular attention to diagnostic tools for the clinic and aids for the hearing handicapped.

We have a well-equipped laboratory with two sound-proof booths and many acoustical instruments. There is always a number of graduate and undergraduate students associated with the laboratory, and we maintain close links to industry and clinics.

Cochlear emissions (very faint signals generated by the inner ear) are of considerable scientific, clinical and industrial interest. I have been working on instrumentation for measuring these emissions for many years with the late Professor Poul Madsen and on basic problems with Professor Ken Norwich.

We develop accurate mechano-acoustical models of the human head using CAD/CAM techniques. There models are used for speech intelligibility and sound exposure studies when subjects wear gas masks, flight helmets, etc.

Health technology

We have recently started a group (see Professor Alf Dolan) focusing on cost-effective health care technology, i.e., concentrating on systems as opposed to devices, on cost as opposed to best care at any price, and with a particular interest in the elderly population, because of the disproportionate cost of health care to this rapidly growing segment of the population.