Admission Documentation

We are excited to learn more about you, through your voice and from the stories from those who know you. Connect with your referees in advance of your application so that they have time to tell us all about you and set you apart from the crowd!


Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (including all programs completed, attempted, or in progress) are required for the application. Documents presented must be in English, and certified English translations are required for all international documentation written in a language other than English. BME does not recommend translators, but the translator must be certified. Translations do not replace original documentation. Both the original documents and translations must be submitted together. Unofficial prints are not accepted. University of Toronto students must also submit official transcripts purchased from the Transcript Centre for consideration.

Paper transcripts (not required)

Only successful applicants are required to send a hard copies of their physical transcripts to our office by mail.

Digital transcripts (required for all applicants)

Official electronic transcripts (eTranscripts) should be uploaded directly to the online application. If the undergraduate/issuing institution(s) do(es) not provide eTranscripts, then acquire the official documents and scan them to create digital copies using the following scanning parameters: grayscale at the lowest dots-per-inch setting (typically 72 dpi). If you attended more than one institution, please merge all transcripts into a single pdf document and upload the bundle as one file. Similarly, English translations (if applicable) should be bundled with official transcripts. The full transcript together with a transcript legend must be clearly visible as a pdf file for each institution you have attended.

Transcript tips

  • Only upload official transcripts from the institution(s) that you attended because documents from external credential evaluation services (such as World Education Services) are not accepted as substitutes for your official transcript(s).


All applicants must identify three referees. Referee emails must be affiliated with academic institutions or professional organizations (personal or free email domains such as Gmail are not accepted). The online application system will use the contact information provided to solicit a supporting letter from each referee by email. Email invitations will be sent to referees after the applicant has paid the application fee. All referees must upload their letters according to the invitation instructions electronically (mailed in letters are not accepted).

Although applicants are required to identify three referees, the following program-specific referee characteristics should be noted:

  • Applicants to the research programs must include all academic referees.
  • Applicants to the doctoral program with a Master’s degree must include a reference letter from their Master’s supervisor.
  • Applicants to the professional program may use academic or industry referees. However, we strongly recommend that professional applicants include at least one letter from upper/senior management from industry.

Reference tips

  • Send your referees friendly reminders about deadlines to ensure timely submission



Professional program applicants should submit a résumé. The résumé should be approximately two pages in length with size eleven Times New Roman font (or similar). Applicants should highlight their academic and/or employment history to demonstrate that they possess the experience and technical skills necessary to excel in an advanced graduate-level engineering curriculum.

Curriculum vitae (CV)

Research program applicants should submit a CV. There are no page or format restrictions on the CV. Applicants should take advantage of this opportunity to provide reviewers with a comprehensive profile of their academic background including but not limited to achievements, publications, and related experience (e.g. teaching) – in reverse chronological order.

Statement of Intent

The statement of intent is your opportunity to make an impression. Why are you interested in this program? What abilities, knowledge, and/or skills can you leverage to excel in this program? How would our program help you achieve your career goals? Tell us the story of what sets you apart from the crowd. A statement template is provided (below) to facilitate the writing process. Applicants are not required to use the template; however, we recommend that all statements be no more than two pages in length with size eleven Times New Roman font.

Statement tips:

Documentation tips

  • Review your documents (with a friend/colleague) for accuracy and completeness before submission because files cannot be revised after

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