Application Submission

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering receives hundreds of applications per cycle. Thus, it is crucial that candidates submit their applications through the University of Toronto’s Online Admissions Application (OAA) system. The online application process is briefly highlighted below:

Application instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Register” under New Applicants
  3. Review the applicant instructions and agreement then click “I Agree” to proceed
  4. Enter your application information
  5. Pay the application fee
  6. Upload supporting documentation and submit your application
  7. Inform referees that your application was submitted
  8. Send referees a gentle reminder about reference letters

Application status

Your application was received. However, your application is incomplete until all supplemental documents are collected (e.g. referee letters). You should log in to the OAA system periodically to review your application status. The following is a list of status changes and their definitions:

  • Documents Pending – We have received your application but it is incomplete. Some documents (e.g. CV, referee letters, etc.) are still needed.
  • Under Review – Your completed application was sent to the Admissions Committee for comprehensive review and consideration.
  • Decision Made – The Admissions Committee has made their decision and the outcome was communicated to you through the email address that you indicated on your application.

Professional program applicants

To learn more about next steps, proceed to the “Onboarding” section (skip “Sponsorship”) to learn more about what happens if your application is selected for admission.

Research program applicants

Admission to the research program is only offered to students with confirmed sponsorship from a research supervisor. Thus, research program applicants should review the “Sponsorship” section to learn more.

Application tips

  • When the application status is “Under Review”, research program applicants should reach out to prospective supervisor(s) to let them know that the full application is available for review.

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