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Immune cells pave the way for advanced Heart-on-a-Chip Technology

July 9, 2024

Researchers at the University of Toronto have made strides in heart disease research by incorporating primitive macrophages—a crucial immune cell—into heart-on-a-chip technology. This innovative approach promises to enhance the functionality and stability of engineered heart tissues, potentially transforming drug testing and disease modeling.

Dr. Lindsey Fiddes joins BME as Teaching Lab and Design Studio Coordinator 

July 8, 2024

Dr. Lindsey Fiddes will join the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) as the Teaching Lab and Design Studio Coordinator on July 8, 2024. Dr. Fiddes, who previously served as the Teaching Lab Coordinator in 2017, brings extensive experience in lab protocols, health and safety, and supply management. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, where she also worked as a Technology Specialist and Lab Manager, gaining expertise in microscopy, CAD, and prototyping. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Fiddes back to BME.

Three BME graduate students awarded Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Fellowship

July 4, 2024

Three graduate students from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) have been awarded the prestigious Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Fellowship for the 2024-2025 cohort. Mohammadamir (Amir) Moghaddam, Nicolas Ivanov, and Lily Takeuchi have each received this honour in recognition of their projects aimed at bridging the gap between academic research and public engagement.

Professor Alison McGuigan awarded Senior Scientist Award at 7th TERMIS World Congress

July 3, 2024

Professor Alison McGuigan has been honored with the prestigious Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society Americas Chapters (TERMIS-AM) Senior Scientist Award. This esteemed award was presented to Professor McGuigan on the final day of the 7th TERMIS World Congress Conference, held from June 25-28 in Seattle, Washington. The Senior Scientist Award is conferred upon individuals who have made significant contributions to the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

BME alumna promoted to Chief of St. John’s Rehab Program

June 21, 2024

Dr. Amanda Mayo will be promoted to the new Chief of the St. John’s Rehab Program, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, effective July 1, 2024. Dr. Mayo is a graduate of the University of Toronto. She completed five years of residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Toronto. Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Mayo obtained MSc in Clinical Engineering, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Jamie Wu wins 2024 Jennifer Comyn Graduate Award for Cancer Research

June 21, 2024

The Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research recognizes outstanding graduate students conducting cancer research in its labs with the Jennifer Comyn Graduate Award for Cancer Research. The inaugural recipient of the award is Jamie Wu, a recent PhD graduate in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto.

11 BME faculty members receive a combined $500,000+ funding from NSERC 

June 20, 2024

The Discovery Grant program is dedicated to supporting researchers as they venture into new territories to find solutions to pressing issues such as environmental protection, food security, and sustainable construction in cold climates. It aims to promote and maintain a diverse and high-quality research capability in the natural sciences and engineering at Canadian universities, foster research excellence, and provide a stimulating environment for research training.

Molly Shoichet named inaugural Pamela and Paul Austin Chair in Precision and Regenerative Medicine

June 19, 2024

University Professor Molly Shoichet (ChemE, BME) has been named the inaugural Pamela and Paul Austin Chair in Precision and Regenerative Medicine. The chair, situated within the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, was created in November 2023 via a gift from the The P. Austin Family Foundation.

Functional Electrical Stimulation sleeve to improve rehabilitation for motor control impairments

June 19, 2024

A recent study published in BioMedical Engineering OnLine introduces a novel smart sleeve designed for Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) applications. This new technology integrates advanced carbon-based dry electrodes within a textile structure, offering significant improvements in comfort and usability for patients with motor control impairments.

Grads to Watch – Maneesha Rajora (BME MASc 1T3, BME PhD 2T4)

June 18, 2024

Having enriched the U of T Engineering community as undergraduate and graduate students, they will join our vibrant, global network of Skule™ alumni, where they will continue to address pressing challenges around the world and inspire the next generation. This year’s 14 Grads to Watch — selected by their home departments and institutes — embody the spirit of U of T Engineering. Their stories illustrate the creativity, innovation and global impact that define our community. Watch their next steps!

Miniaturized assay promises faster discovery of stem cell therapies

June 17, 2024

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a new miniaturized assay platform, mini-MEndR, designed to evaluate muscle stem cell-mediated repair in a more efficient and scalable manner. This novel platform, funded by CFREF “Medicine by Design”, represents a significant advancement in the field of regenerative medicine, offering the potential to accelerate the discovery of therapeutic targets for muscle repair and regeneration.

Judy Gilligan, Operations Assistant, Retires After 16 Years of Dedicated Service at BME

June 14, 2024

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) proudly announces the retirement of Judy Gilligan, Operations Assistant, after 16 years of dedicated service. Judy joined BME in 2008 under the supervision of then Operations Manager Sandra Walker. As one of the longest-serving staff members at the Institute, she has observed major transformations through the transition of 4 directors. Her contributions have been pivotal in maintaining the smooth operations of the Institute.