Tuition and Funding

The research program provides students with a guaranteed minimum stipend for a set number of years to help cover tuition and basic living expenses. Top students at the institute may also receive funding through numerous highly prestigious academic awards from institutional, national, and international scholarship competitions. The following information is to clarify the composition and source of the stipend.



Student Funding

Basic Funding: Students without major awards (< $10,000)

  MASc PhD 
Program YearFund SourceDomesticInternationalDomesticInternational

*There may be departmental support for doctoral students in year five but this is not guaranteed. Support will only be provided based on funding availability, which may vary from year to year.

Award Funding: Students holding major awards (≥ $10,000)

  MASc PhD 
Program YearFund SourceDomesticInternationalDomesticInternational
MASc 1–2; orDepartment$0$0$0$0
PhD 1–5Supervisor (incl. award)$27,000$45,000$28,500$29,000

Tuition and Fees

The table below shows tuition and fees associated with the MASc and PhD programs. For more information, please visit the Student Accounts Office website for full details.

ProgramStatusOptionTotal Fees
PhDDomesticFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – Domestic Students; See Table 1
PhDInternationalFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – International Students; See Table 1
MAScDomesticFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – Domestic Students; See Table 1
MAScInternationalFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – International Students; See Table 2

Tip: Check your invoice on ACORN

Pay Fees (Registration)

Understanding your fees

Registration by payment

Registration is the process by which a person establishes an active association with a program of study for an academic period. A student is registered once any conditions of admission have been satisfied and academic, incidental, and ancillary fees are paid, or a fees arrangement has been made. In addition to tuition, compulsory ancillary fees are also paid by all students for incidentals and ancillary services. Fees are determined by the program of study, and fee payment is required for registration whether you attend class or not. You are responsible for paying your fees in full before the registration deadline.

TIP: Know your program deadlines by reviewing sessional dates in the SGS Calendar.

Minimum payment to register

Before the start of each academic year (normally Fall – Winter), students are “Invited to Register (Invited/INVIT)”. During this time, students may enroll in courses (if course enrollment is activated), but your registration status must be changed to “Registered/REG” by paying at least the minimum payment amount to register before the SGS deadline or your registration and course enrollment will be cancelled. Students must either pay the outstanding balance (or defer fees) to register. Students who fail to register on time may be subject to late fee penalties or have their registration financially cancelled (FINCA). The minimum payment amount is normally equal to unpaid Fees from the previous session(s) plus current Fall term tuition.

Fee payment options

Direct payment

Your financial account information is available on ACORN. Learn how to navigate your student dashboard, including how to pay your fees, by visiting and reviewing the “Finances” section. For more payment options, please view instructions for “Making Payments” at

It can take up to two weeks for payments made at the bank to be processed to your fees, so please allow yourself sufficient time before the deadline when making a payment. Payment is considered made on the date it is applied to your fees, not the date payment is made at the bank.

Defer payment

Fee deferral means that you may register now and pay your outstanding balance later (by April 30 of the following year at the latest). Fee deferral is only available to students in the funded cohort or students who are holding major awards. By deferring payment, you will not have to make a minimum payment toward your fees and you will not be charged monthly interest on any outstanding balance. Fee deferral is only in effect from September to April of any academic year and interest is charged on balances owing as of May 1 of the following year.

Before SGS registration deadline

If you are in the funded cohort (receiving a guaranteed minimum stipend), you must request to register without payment (defer payment) on ACORN. Please indicate "Research Stipend" as source of funding when requesting a fee deferral (students who indicate "OSAP" as their funding source will still accrue interest on their balance).

After SGS registration deadline

If you are beyond the funded cohort but are receiving a major award, or within the funded cohort but missed the registration deadline, you must fill out the “Register Without Payment (Fee Deferral)” form (see

TIP: Once your fees have been deferred or you have paid the minimum amount (as stipulated on the invoice), you will be officially registered.




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