Fees and Funding

The research program provides students with a guaranteed minimum stipend for a set number of years to help cover tuition and basic expenses. Top students at the institute may also receive funding through numerous highly prestigious awards from institutional, national, and international agencies. The annual stipend is based on a student’s year of study, their legal status, and whether they will receive a major annual award (≥ $10,000) or not. The following information is to clarify the composition and source of the stipend.

Who pays me?Stipend composition
Where is my money?Set direct deposit; replace missing cheque(s)
Why did my pay change?Funding policies
How do I pay fees?Registration options (including deferral)
How do I get a refund?Refund overpayment or credits from your ACORN balance
How do I get paid?Submit a supervisor–student agreement (due at the end of August each year)

NB: A late or missing agreement leads to late or missing payroll

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Student Funding

Basic Funding: Students without major awards (< $10,000)

Effective 2023-24MASc (yr. 1–2)PhD (yr. 1–4)
Year (yr.)PayerDomesticInternationalDomesticInternational
Total (minimum)$26,500$44,500$31,000$31,500
Total (minimum)$26,500$44,500$31,000$31,500
Total (minimum)$31,000$31,500
Total (minimum)$31,000$31,500
Total (minimum)$31,000$31,500

Note 1: There may be departmental support for doctoral students in year five but this is not guaranteed. Support will only be provided based on funding availability, which may vary from year to year.

Award Funding: Students holding major awards (≥ $10,000)

Effective 2023-24MASc (yr. 1–2)PhD (yr. 1–4)
Supervisor (incl. award)$28,500$46,500$33,000$33,500
Total (minimum)$28,500$46,500$33,000$33,500

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Archived: Past stipend schedules

Tuition and Fees

The table below shows tuition and fees associated with the MASc and PhD programs. For more information, visit the Student Accounts (see "Graduate Studies, School of – All Graduate Programs") website for full details.

DegreeStatusOptionProgram Fee
PhDDomesticFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – Domestic Students; See Table 1
PhDInternationalFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – International Students; See Table 1
MAScDomesticFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – Domestic Students; See Table 1
MAScInternationalFull-time: Fall - WinterFees – International Students; See Table 2

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