Tuition and Funding


Tuition Fees

Information on tuition can be found under respective program tabs under Prospective Students.

Registration and Fees

Fee invoices can be found in your Acorn account.

Students must make a minimum payment toward fees in order to officially register in their program.

You are considered registered as soon as you have paid tuition and incidental fees or have requested to register without payment (also known as fee deferral).

How to pay your fees

Please note that in order to pay your fees, you must bring your fees invoice to your local bank and set up an account at the bank—the same way you would pay a bill—and pay the university through that account.

The University will not take any attempted payments made directly to the institution.

Students must either make their minimum payment as indicated on the invoice or defer their fees in order to register. Students who fail to register on time will be assessed a late registration fee and risk having their registration cancelled.

It can take up to two weeks for payments made at the bank to be processed to your fees, so please allow yourself sufficient time before the deadline when making a payment.

Payment is considered made on the date it is applied to your fees, not the date payment is made at the bank.

Getting Paid / Direct Deposit

The BME Fellowship and internal U of T student awards are processed through Acorn directly to your bank account. Make sure you have up-to-date direct deposit information in Acorn.

Some awards are paid in equal installments at the beginning of each academic term.

The first installment of any internal U of T award or BME fellowship will be deposited to the student’s bank account while all subsequent installments will be automatically applied to any outstanding fees.

Your supervisor’s contribution to your stipend is processed through central HR at the University of Toronto. You will be asked to provide direct deposit information to the BME HR Officer in RS 407 in order to facilitate these payments.

Fee Deferral

Basic Funding

Award Funding

Initiatives Fund