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The Bioengineering Minor is a collaborative effort across the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and is open to Engineering students interested in learning more about biology and its application to engineering and the healthcare sector. Our definition of bioengineering is broad, reaching to all areas at the interface of engineering and biology. The minor provides in-depth knowledge from molecular and cell scale engineering, manufacturing of biosystems and devices, and to translation of technologies ranging from sustainable energy and renewable bioproducts to patient care.


This minor is co-managed by the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Office and the Chemical Engineering Office. Questions regarding the Biomedical Engineering pathway should be directed to the BME UG Office. Questions regarding the Bioprocessing pathway should be directed to Professor Emma (


Eligibility Requirements

All engineering students in the Core 8 programs (chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, materials, mechanical and mineral) are eligible to enrol in this minor.

Engineering Science students, except those pursing the Biomedical Systems Engineering major, are also permitted to take this minor.

Course Requirements

To complete the bioengineering minor, students must take courses from the four following categories below. Students must select the number of courses recommended in each category. Lastly, to complete the bioengineering minor their total number of courses should be equal to 3.0 credits.

Although students are required to only complete 1 out the 4 courses listed above, it is highly recommended to complete 2 of the above courses if scheduling permits.

Foundational coursesCore coursesPractical courses
Choose at least 1 course (0.5 FCE):Choose at least 1 course (0.5 FCE):Choose atleast 1 course (0.5-1.0 FCE):
CHE353BME412 BME498

(for Engineering sciences students only)
BME455 Departmental Thesis or Capstone Design Project (requires approval - see notes)


Elective course requirements 

Students may choose any of the below courses but those wishing to concentrate on a particular pathway:(a) Biomedical Engineering or (b) Bioprocess Engineering, are recommended to choose courses that fit within each pathway. Note that choosing a pathway is recommended but is not required. Below are elective courses from each pathway. Students may also take courses that don't fit within a defined path. For the full elective list please visit the Bioengineering minor calendar entry.

Choose up to 3 courses as needed to bring the total to 3.0 FCE:


Biomedical Engineering pathway 

Molecular theme:Cell & Tissue theme:Clinical theme: 
BME412 BME350 BME330
BME440 BME395 BME331
BME595 BME455 BME445
CHE475 MIE439 BME530
ECE448 MIE458 ECE446
MSE343 MIE520


Bioprocess Engineering pathway 

Biomanufacturing theme:Biomolecular and Microbial theme:
CHE354 CHE354
BME330H ECE448
CHE450H BCH441
CHE462H CHE471
CHE475H BCH441
CHE471H BCH441

Important Notes


  • Students wishing to register in BME498Y, must obtain approval from the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate & Graduate Student Office.
  • Students who wish to count their departmental thesis or capstone design project towards the Bioengineering minor will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The deadline for submission is available on the form. Questions regarding the form and deadline should be sent to the CDP Office.
  • Former Engineering Science students who transferred into a Core 8 program may use BME 205—Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering to replace CHE 353 and is also an eligible prerequisite for MIE 331


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