Cross Appointed Faculty

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at the University of Toronto is located in the heart of Canada's largest health-care research hub. BME currently hosts cross appointed faculty members across more than 30 academic units, partner hospitals, research institutes and commercialization centres. Similar to core faculty members, our cross appointed faculty also that span across cell & tissue engineering, clinical engineering, and molecular engineering disciplines.

NamePrimary AppointmentResearch Theme
Eugenia KumachevaDepartment of ChemistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Cristina Amon Department of Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Bernhard GanssFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Karina CarneiroDepartment of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Yoav, FinerFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Benjamin HattonDepartment of Materials Science and EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Boris HinzFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Armand KeatingToronto Western HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Michael LaflammeToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Ren-Ke Li Toronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Cindi MorsheadDepartment of SurgeryCell and Tissue Engineering
Emil, SchemitschSt. Michael's HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Sara VasconcelosToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Sowmya ViswanathanToronto Western HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Thomas WaddellToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Cari WhyneSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreCell and Tissue Engineering
Harold WodlingerInstitute of Biomaterials and Biomedical EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Edmond YoungDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Deryk BealHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation HospitalClinical Engineering
Douglas CheyneHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
James M. DrakeHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Jayson ParkerDepartment of Biology, UTMClinical Engineering
Babak Taati Toronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Atena FekrToronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI), University Health NetworkClinical Engineering
Gregory BorschelHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Joseph CafazzoeHealth Innovation, UHNClinical Engineering
Catherine CoolensPrincess Margaret Cancer CentreClinical Engineering
Jeffrey FialkovSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
Teodor GrantcharovSt. Michael's HospitalClinical Engineering
Kullervo HynynenSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
George IbrahimDepartment of SurgeryClinical Engineering
Shafique KeshavjeeToronto General HospitalClinical Engineering
Dinesh KumbhareDepartment of MedicineClinical Engineering
Hani NaguibDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringClinical Engineering
Sachdev SidhuDepartment of Molecular GeneticsClinical Engineering
Patricia TrbovichNorth York General HospitalClinical Engineering
Piero TriverioDepartment of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)Clinical Engineering
Azadeh YadollahiToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Kazuhiro YasufukuToronto General HospitalClinical Engineering
Albert YeeSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
Richard AvivDepartment of Medical ImagingClinical Engineering
Peter CarlenToronto Western HospitalClinical Engineering
Tilak DuttaToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Anne-Marie GuerguerianHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Robert HarrisonHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Steven PrescottHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Tom SchweizerSt. Michael's HospitalClinical Engineering
Taufik ValianteToronto Western HospitalClinical Engineering
Willy WongEdward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringClinical Engineering
Frank GuDepartment of Chemical Engineering and Applied ChemistryMolecular Engineering
Xinyu LiuDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Sidhartha GoyalDepartment of PhysicsMolecular Engineering
Axel GuentherDepartment of Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Shana KelleyLeslie Dan Faculty of PharmacyMolecular Engineering
Radhakrishnan MahadevanDepartment of Chemical Engineering and Applied ChemistryMolecular Engineering
Thierry MallevaeyDepartment of ImmunologyMolecular Engineering
Jason MoffatDepartment of Molecular GeneticsMolecular Engineering
Yu SunDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Robert WeersinkDepartment of Radiation OncologyClinical Engineering
Gang ZhengPrincess Margaret Cancer CentreMolecular Engineering
Anton ZilmanDepartment of PhysicsMolecular Engineering
Masoom HaiderDepartment of Medical ImagingMachine Learning in Medical Imaging
Milad LankaranyKrembil Research InstituteClinical Engineering
Shehroz KhanToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Karen GordonThe Hospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Cesar Marquez ChinToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Luka MilosevicKrembil Research InstituteClinical Engineering

Cross Appointment Affiliates and Partners

Here you will find a list of department, hospital, commercialization centres, and other entities that are affiliated with BME. Some of the cross appointed faculty members have multiple appointments in various organizations. The 'Primary Appointment' listed above indicate the main point of contact for the indicated faculty member.