Are you a prospective student? Here at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME), we connect researchers across the University of Toronto and its partner hospitals to develop innovative solutions to improve human health.

Doctor of Philosophy

Research degree that exposes candidates to cutting-edge research in a laboratory

Master of Applied Science

Research degree that exposes candidates to cutting-edge research in a laboratory

Master of Engineering

Professional degree that exposes candidates to biomedical device design to commercialization

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Program:PhD / MAScMEng
Focus:Research intensive training in a laboratory or clinical setting.Training in biomedical device design, implementation, and commercialization.
Career Interests:Individuals pursuing careers in academia, healthcare, government, or industry, who have a passion for research and development.

• Motivated to conduct cutting-edge research

• Passionate about academic collaboration and science communication

• Keen on becoming key opinion leaders with distinct research specialization
Individuals interested in medical device production from design to implementation in human patients.

• Seeking product design knowledge

• Interested in learning entrepreneurship fundamentals

• Eagar to gain real-world experience in the healthcare sector
Degree(s) Required:Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Applied Science (for PhD only), or Master of Engineering (PhD only).Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science.
Outcome:Program graduates excel as leaders in academia, industry, and government agencies across the globe.Through work-integrated learning, graduates emerge as company founders, technology leaders, and start-up creators in the healthcare sector.
Average Program Length:2 years (for MASc) or
4-6 years (for PhD)
1 year
Curricula:• Coursework
Committee Meetings
• Qualifying/Bypass Exam (for PhD)
• Defense
Final Oral Exam (for PhD)
• Coursework
• Practical Experience


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