Faculty Appointments

For Status-Only, Adjunct & Cross-Appointment

BME offers status-only or non-budgetary cross-appointments to individuals qualified to make significant contributions to the educational and research activities of the Institute by leading innovative research programs and delivering high-quality education experiences for students. Specifically, these activities include (but are not limited to) teaching, supervision, committee/advisory service, and mentorship. In return, the Institute makes a commitment to further the academic activities and progress of all faculty appointees.

While BME aims to foster cross-functional collaboration and research, collaboration itself does not provide a sufficient rationale for faculty appointment, nor does it warrant appointment consideration. All BME applicants must demonstrate supervisory competence by providing evidence of a quality training environment for students (e.g. possessing appropriate laboratory space, research equipment, and adequate funding, being available to provide mentorship/training, etc.) Furthermore, the type of training provided must be meaningful within the scope of the biomedical engineering discipline (i.e. training should advance the biomedical engineering skills of the trainee).

Appointment decisions are determined by the Cross-Appointment Committee, which comprises core faculty members at BME, and appointments are granted at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Appointments are reviewed by the Cross-Appointments Committee approximately twice per year (April & December).


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