Faculty Appointments


The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) offers status-only, adjunct and non-budgetary cross-appointments to individuals qualified to make significant contributions to the educational and research activities of the Institute by leading innovative research programs and delivering high-quality education experiences for students. Specifically, these activities include but are not limited to, teaching, supervision, committee/advisory service, and mentorship. In return, the Institute makes a commitment to further academic services and progress of all faculty appointees.

Those wishing to join BME must apply for appointment. Additionally, those who are already appointed must re-apply in the terminal year of their current appointment in order to renew their appointment.

Policies and procedures



In order to be considered for a BME appointment, all applicants must demonstrate supervisory competence by providing evidence of a quality training environment for students (e.g. possessing appropriate laboratory space, research equipment, and adequate funding, being able to provide mentorship/training, etc). Furthermore, the type of training provided must be meaningful within the scope of the biomedical engineering discipline (i.e. training should advance the biomedical engineering skills of the trainee). Please note that while BME fosters cross-functional collaboration and research, collaboration itself does not provide a sufficient rationale for Faculty appointment, nor does it warrant appointment consideration.

Applicants must also meet the following additional requirements:

  • Hold a tenured (or tenure-track) position within an academic unit at the University of Toronto or hold a Scientist, Senior Scientist, or Clinician-Scientist position within a clinical unit at a University of Toronto affiliate hospital.
  • Have access to independent or shared lab space that is up and running for appropriate graduate training.
  • Have funding support from at least one Tri-Agency (NSERC/CIHR/SSHRC) for a researcher that has been at the University for at least five years or start-up/operational funding from a hospital division/home department for a new researcher with a Scientist position.
  • Demonstrated experience supervising students in the engineering discipline.
  • Meet the requirements of an independent investigator as defined by CIHR.

How to apply

All applicants must prepare and submit an appointment application package as a single .pdf file consisting of the following, in the order presented below, to the submission portal:

  1. A completed appointment application form;
  2. A one-page letter of intent (for new applicants) OR a 1-2 page summary of past contributions (for renewal applicants);
  3. A signed letter of support (within the past six months) from the head of your primary appointment;
  4. If you hold multiple appointments, a signed letter of support from the head of each additional affiliate institution (dated within the past six months; new applicants only);
  5. An up-to-date Cirriculum vitae;
  6. A list of BME students supervised (including their present career status/position).




Appointment applications are reviewed by the Cross-Appointments Committee two times per year- in April and December. In order to be considered in these respective periods, applications must be received by the following deadlines:

  • October 31*
  • March 31*

*Actual deadlines year to year may vary slightly

For those whose current appointment term is ending, a renewal application must be received prior to the end their appointment. Failure to submit an application on time may result in expiration on your appointment.