Teaching Assistantships

Students within the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs are not required to teach as part of their minimum guaranteed funding package, but can seek Teaching Assistant (TA) positions to supplement their income and/or gain teaching experience. Within the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, we offer a limited number of TA positions for the Fall and Winter semesters which registered students may apply to. In addition to these TA opportunities, students may also seek opportunities in other departments throughout the University.

Teaching Assistant Income

Teaching Assistants are offered a fixed number of hours per position and are paid based on the number of hours that they work. Students may take on multiple positions throughout the year provided that they can handle the increased workload on top of their studies; to this end, it is recommended that students consult their supervisors before taking on TA positions. The rate per hour for TAing is indicated in the CUPE Local 3902 Unit 1 collective agreement, which may be referenced here: https://people.utoronto.ca/agreements/#cupe3902_unit1.

Any income earned from TAing is on-top of the BME minimum guaranteed stipend. However, please note that TAships are not guaranteed. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please talk to your supervisor and the BME Graduate Office who may be able to provide alternative recommendations for your situation.

Timing and Updates

Refer to the Student Portal (get access) for more information about timing and updates.

Applying for positions

All positions including available BME positions are posted on https://unit1.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/.