Current student resources

Welcome (or welcome back) to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. If you are a new student or a returning student, remind yourself of the logistics by reading some of our general resources below:

Welcome Guide

Common resources, step wise logistics, and others

Student Handbook

Detailed documentation on everything you need to know about the degree logistics

Degree Milestones

Summary of key events in your degree progression


Course offerings by BME and adjacent organizations


Tuition and stipend breakdown + other financial information


List of internal, institutional, national, and international award opportunities

Forms & Resource

Miscellaneous forms & resources

Health & Safety

Read and signup for health & safety lectures

Career Posting

Teaching Assistant, Post-doctoral, and other relevant job postings

Event Calendar

Student Graduate Seminars, Invited Speakers, and other events

Email Bulletin

Curated list of emails that may be of interest to the members of the community

Invited Speakers

Listen to seminars given by external and internal speakers