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Below is the course calendar for the current academic year. View course codes, times, delivery methods, locations, and instructors for MEng, MASc, and PhD courses. Course descriptions can be found here. If you are looking for a comprehensive list and additional information on graduate courses, please visit the School of Graduate Studies calendar. For instructions on how to enroll in courses, please see:

University's COVID Response

Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Changes will likely occur as the province and its municipalities adjust to new data about the virus. In these circumstances, please be advised that the manner of delivery of courses, co-curricular opportunities, programs, and services is subject to change, in accordance with university policies. The University thanks its students, faculty, and staff for their flexibility during these challenging times as we work together to maintain the standards of excellence that are the hallmark of the University.

2020 Fall semester

Students will be able to view the online delivery method for each course below. Online courses will be delivered synchronously or asynchronously and if appropriate, recorded and made available for students. Instructors will communicate when, how, and for how long recordings will be accessible to students.

2021 Winter semester

The delivery methods for winter courses will be confirmed closer to the winter semester. Currently, all BME courses on ACORN are set to synchronous; this may be subject to change given how the COVID-19 situation may evolve.

Please note: some BME courses will have two meeting sections, an In-person section and a synchronous or asynchronous online section. Students will not be able to enroll into the in-person section. Students will only be able to enroll in the available online sections. This may be subject to change for the Winter semester courses.

Online Synchronous (SYNC): A course is considered Online Synchronous if online attendance is expected at a specific time for some or all course activities, and attendance at a specific location is not expected for any activities or exams.

Online Asynchronous (ASYNC): A course is considered Asynchronous if it has no requirement for attendance at a specific time or location for any activities or exams.

In Person (INPER): A course is considered In Person if it requires attendance at a specific location and time for some or all course activities. In Person delivery is subject to adjustments imposed by public health requirements for physical distancing.

Fall Courses

2020-2021 Course Offerings

CodeTitleDateTimeOnline Delivery Method Instructor
BME1010Y; BME1011YGraduate Student SeminarsWed/Thu/Fri12:00pm-01:00pmSYNCJ. Davies
BME1405H**Clinical Engineering Instrumentation IThu02:00pm-04:00pmSYNCJ. Andrysek
BME1454HRegenerative Medicine Fri09:00am-11:00amSYNCP. Gilbert
BME1472HFundamentals of Neuromodulation Technology and Clinical ApplicationsTue02:00pm-04:00pmSYNCP. Yoo
BME1473HAcquisition and Processing Of Bioelectric SignalsFri10:00am-12:00pmSYNCJ. Zariffa
BME1477H*Biomedical Engineering Project Design and ExecutionMon09:00am-12:00pmSYNCC. Bouwmeester
BME1478HCoding for Biomedical EngineersN/AN/AASYNCM. Garton
BME1479HStatistical Discovery Techniques for Biomedical ResearchersTue/ThuTue: 10:00am-12:00pm; Thu: 10:00am-12:00pmSYNCJ. Audet
BME1801H**Biomedical Product DevelopmentTue10:00am-02:00pmSYNCP. Santerre, J. Parker
JBB1425HStructural Biology: Principles and PracticesTBD: Tue/ThuTBD: 10:00am-11:00amTBDC. Yip, S. Sharpe
JPB1022HHuman Physiology as Related to BioengineeringWed10:00am-12:00pmSYNCD. Kilkenny
JEB1447HSensory CommunicationsTue/Wed/Fri02:00-03:00pmSYNC & ASYNCW. Wong
REH1120HResearch Methods for Rehabilitation ScienceTue01:00-03:30 pmSYNC & ASYNCD. Reid

**Restricted – Professional program (MEng/MHSc) students only

*  Restricted –  Research Stream program (PhD/MASc) students only

Winter Courses

2020-21 Course Offerings

CodeTitleDateTimeDelivery Method LocationInstructor
BME1010Y; BME1011YGraduate Student Seminar SeriesWed/Thu/Fri12:00pm-01:00pmSYNCNAJ. Davies
BME1439H**Clinical Engineering Instrumentation IIThu02:00am-04:00pmSYNCNAJ. Andrysek
BME1459HProtein EngineeringFri02:00pm-04:00pmSYNCNAK. Truong
BME1460H*Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory and Application to Live Cell ImagingMon10:00am-01:00pmSYNCNAJ. Rocheleau
BME1462HBiological Image AnalysisMon04:00pm-06:00pmSYNCNAR. Fernandez-Gonzalez
BME1800H**Biomedical Product Dev’t ITue12:30pm-03:30pmSYNCNAH. Wodlinger
BME1802HBiomedical Devices – Human FactorsFri10:00am-12:00SYNCNAC. Bouwmeester
JCB1349HStructure/Function/PropertiesTBDTBDSYNCNAC. Yip
JEB1444HNeural EngineeringThu03:00-05:00pmSYNCNAB. Bardakjian
JMB1050Biological and bio-inspired materialsWed10:00am-12:00pmSYNCNAE. Sone
JPB1071HAdvanced topics: Computational neuroscience Thu01:30-03:30pmSYNCNAF. Skinner, M. Lankarany
MIE1359HEngineering Cell Biology and Micro-Nanoengineeered PlatformsTue11:00am-02:00pmSYNCNAY. Sun and L. You
ECE1475HBio-PhotonicsThu03:00pm-06:00pmSYNCNAO. Levi
DEN1081HBone Interface Implants Tue02:00pm-05:00pmTBATBAJ. Davies

**Restricted – Professional program (MEng/MHSc) students only

*  Restricted –  Research Stream program (PhD/MASc) students only

Summer Courses

2019-2020 Course Offerings

JYG1555HAdvanced Topics: Cellular and Molecular NeurobiologyOnline
PSL1034HAdvanced Topics: Metabolic DisordersOnline
PSL1080HInvestigative Developmental PhysiologyOnline
JCV3065HAdvanced Topics in Cardiovascular Sciences - Systems BiologyOnline
ECE1513HIntroduction to Machine LearningOnline
APS1070HFoundations of Data Analytics and Machine LearningOnline
MSE1065HApplication of Artificial Intelligence in Materials DesignOnline
MSE1022HApplication of Category Theory in Materials ScienceOnline

**Restricted – Professional program (MEng/MHSc) students only

*  Restricted –  Research Stream program (PhD/MASc) students only

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