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Welcome to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, where we specialize in training the next generation of health and biotech professionals through our immersive Master of Engineering (MEng) program. With a dedicated focus on the design and commercialization of biomedical devices, our students are equipped to tackle real-world challenges in this rapidly evolving industry.

Through a rigorous curriculum and a four-month internship, our MEng students gain hands-on experience and practical skills to meet the demands of the biomedical field.

If you're seeking top-tier talent to join your team, look no further. Our Master of Engineering students are ready to contribute their expertise to your organization today!

Sarah Sarabadani, Michael Li, and Marija Cotic at Klick Health lab

Why hire our students?

Our MEng cohort is proficient in
  • Engineering concepts (Electrical, mechanical, biomedical, materials)
  • Rehab engineering, neural engineering and biomechanics
  • Commercialization - our core courses outline device design and development including ISO13845 requirements
  • Programming - Java, Python, R, C, C++
  • Design - Solidworks, autoCAD
  • Data analysis and Machine Learning
  • Wet lab skills and molecular biology

Our previous partners include

Klick Tour (2)

Components of an internship

  1. Connect with our Program Manager to discuss your hiring requirements and objectives.
  2. Post a job on our exclusive MEng job board.  Conduct hiring activities at your discretion – all applicants will apply directly to you, no shortlisting or job matching!
  3. Conduct interviews and find a strong MEng candidate to join your team.
  4. Collaborate with our Program Manager to finalize co-op placement details and learn about student salary subsidies and tax credits!
  5. Mentor and guide the MEng student throughout the co-op term, add fresh talent and perspective to your team while fostering a dynamic learning environment.
  6. Keep in touch with the Institute to continue to access top-tier talent and drive innovation in the biomedical field.

What our MEng alumni and employers are saying

Nikola Andric-1

Graduated from BME MEng program in 2017, Nikola Andric is the Director of Product Development at MolecuLight, where he spearheads the advancement of fluorescence wound imaging devices for bacterial load visualization and wound measurement.


After completing his MEng degree at BME in 2021, Eric Wong embarked on his career at Epineuron Technologies, a medical device company that helps surgeons expedite nerve recovery through electro-stimulation after nerve-repair surgeries.

Ellen Turner

Ellen Turner and Nicole Gauer are alumni of the MEng program. Having successfully completed their 4-month internship in 2017 and subsequently joining Perimeter Medical Imaging.

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