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Canceled: Graduate Student Seminar Series – Carolina Chavez

November 16, 2023 @ 12:25 pm - 12:40 pm EST

Graduate Student Seminar Series
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Location: WB116
Presentation Title: ERK1/2 signalling to predict myogenic fate outcomes
Abstract: Signalling pathways networks are highly connected, making it challenging to understand how information in the cells’ extracellular environment influences their decisions. In the context of skeletal muscle tissue, several signalling pathways have been studied to further describe myogenic stages. However, most current studies are directed in a cell-population environment where conclusions are drag based on significant findings such as improving muscle mass, finding less scar tissue, less adipogenic cells, functional force, and other parameters. An understanding of cell biology at a higher resolution is needed to direct endogenous repair and address myopathies. ERK1/2 is a hierarchical signalling pathway that has also been explored in MuSC. The pathway has shown activation during cell proliferation and implications in p21 expression during aging. Still, the description of the pathway elucidating signal cell-dose outcome responses has not been explained. Recent tools such as biosensors-biotransducers have been created to interrogate signalling circuits of the ERK1/2 cascade to describe the internal decisions of cell responses at high-precision. Thus, the goal of this study is to generate a data set of single-cell MuSC responses to ERK1/2 stimulations and correlate them to cell fates, then we will be able to predefine cell fate outcomes by applying biotransducer tools. We will applying tracking tools to explain the mechanisms of MuSC at a single-cell level to find hierarchical signalling dynamics.
Supervisor Name: Penney Gilbert
Year of Study: 4
Program of Study: PhD
Cancellation Reason:
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November 16, 2023
12:25 pm - 12:40 pm EST
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