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Graduate Student Seminar Series – Safwat Khan

October 5, 2023 @ 12:40 pm - 12:55 pm EDT

Graduate Student Seminar Series
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Location: WB116
Presentation Title: Uncovering the transcriptomic profile of pancreatic endothelial cells
Abstract: The pancreatic islet vasculature displays tissue-specific physiological and functional adaptations that support rapid glucose sensing and insulin response by β-cells. To uncover the transcriptomic basis of this specialization, we performed a meta-analysis of multi-organ single cell RNA sequencing atlases employing a unique strategy to avoid transcriptomic contamination. We identified biologically relevant genes involved in sphingosine-1-phosphate-mediated insulin-secretion (PLPP1, RDX, CDC42EP1), islet basement membrane formation (SPARC, COL15A1), endothelial cell (EC) permeability (PLVAP, EHD4), membrane transporters (CD320, SLCO2A1) and developmental transcription factors (NKX2-3, AHR). These were validated in silico in independent datasets. We further established the first integrated transcriptomic atlas of human pancreatic ECs and described two unique capillary subpopulations: exocrine and endocrine pancreas ECs. We validated the spatial localization of key markers using RNAscope™ and immunofluorescence staining on mouse pancreatic tissue cross-sections. Our findings provide novel insights into pancreatic EC heterogeneity and islet EC function with potential implications in therapeutic strategies.
Supervisor Name: Sara Vasconcelos
Year of Study: 5
Program of Study: PhD
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October 5, 2023
12:40 pm - 12:55 pm EDT
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