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Faculty Search Candidate Talk

Medical Science Building, Room 3153 1 King's College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This event will be in person only.

Faculty Search Candidate: Designer polymer excipients to enable next-generation insulin formulations


Caitlin Maikawa, PhD Abstract: Insulin was first isolated a century ago, yet commercial formulations of insulin for hormone replacement therapy fall short of mimicking the endogenous glycemic control that occurs in non-diabetic individuals. Moreover, diabetes management is increasingly relying on automated insulin delivery using closed-loop systems to improve glucose management and reduce patient burden. However, […]

Faculty Search Candidate Talk – Unconventional Nanobiophotonics: Upconversion/Persistent Luminescence Nanoparticles for Anti-cancer Therapy

Medical Sciences Building 3154 1 King's College Cir, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kai Huang, PhD Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School Abstract: Biophotonics has been widely applied as versatile and powerful approaches for biomedical applications, such as for bioimaging, biodetection, photodynamic therapy, and optogenetics. However, conventional biophotonics suffers from several constraints. For example, the short-wavelength excitation light cannot penetrate deep into […]

BME Faculty Search Seminar – Tian He, Harvard University

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, Red Room, 160 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3E1, Canada

Illuminating Bioelectricity in the Brain Dr. He Tian, Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard University The brain encodes and processes information through the dynamic membrane voltage of neurons. However, in vivo electrophysiology, i.e., the study of the membrane voltage of individual cells in live animals, has been a major challenge for neuroscience. In this seminar, I will present […]

BME Faculty Search Seminar – Freeman Lan

MSB 4171

Revolutionizing biological discovery through ultrahigh-throughput experimentation Dr. Freeman Lan, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Winsconsin-Madison Biological assays have for decades been carried out primarily in reaction tubes and microtiter plates, which are low throughput and difficult to scale. Microfluidics technology can overcome this limitation through miniaturization of reaction volumes and efficient scaling of liquid handling. I […]

BME Faculty Search Seminar – Kibaek Choe


In Vivo Live Cell Imaging by Three-Photon (3P) Microscopy Dr. Kibaek Choe, Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University In vivo confocal and two-photon (2P) microscopies have been a major driving force in deepening our understanding of cell dynamics by enabling the visualization of migration, distribution, morphology, and cell-cell interactions in three dimensions and at subcellular resolution. In […]

BME Faculty Search Seminar – Ilke Uguz

Development of High-Density Active Neural Interfaces using Conjugated Polymers Dr. Ilke Uguz Postdoctoral Research Associate, Columbia University Precise, stable, and biocompatible neural interfaces are crucial for effective brain-machine interfaces and therapeutic interventions. Conjugated polymers offer exceptional potential for such applications, owing to their softness, biocompatibility, and mixed ionic and electronic charge transport properties. By integrating […]

BME Faculty Search Seminar – Nova Pishesha


Exploiting Antigen Presentation Pathways for Precision Immune Engineering Dr. Nova Pishesha, Junior Fellow, Society of Fellows at Harvard University Current treatments for autoimmunity rely on general immunosuppression, which exposes patients to opportunistic infections. Hence, immunoregulatory modalities, which educate the immune system to induce antigen-specific tolerance are desirable. My doctoral research revolved around engineered red blood […]