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BME Faculty Search Seminar – Ilke Uguz

May 18, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am EDT

Development of High-Density Active Neural Interfaces using Conjugated Polymers

Dr. Ilke Uguz

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Columbia University

Precise, stable, and biocompatible neural interfaces are crucial for effective brain-machine interfaces and therapeutic interventions. Conjugated polymers offer exceptional potential for such applications, owing to their softness, biocompatibility, and mixed ionic and electronic charge transport properties. By integrating CPs at the front-end, we can achieve active pixels comparable in size to individual neurons while maintaining mechanical properties similar to surrounding tissue. During the talk, I will delve into microfabrication and design strategies used to develop implantable CP-based neural interfaces with electrical and optical functionalities. Specifically, I will address the technological challenges associated with scalability and present examples that demonstrate the successful generation of complex circuitries on flexible substrates, as well as their monolithic integration onto drive electronics. Additionally, I will demonstrate large-scale electrophysiology and optogenetic manipulation of neuronal circuits with high spatiotemporal resolution, highlighting the potential of CPs as a foundation for high-density active front-end arrays.

Talk will be virtual only, see information below.