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Faces of BME – Amy Huang

Meet Amy Huang: a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in biomedical engineering and currently undertaking her thesis work in Professor Cristina Amon’s lab. Amy's journey into engineering was sparked by her passion for hands-on projects and her innate ability to turn abstract concepts into real-world solutions. Excelling in her academic pursuits, Amy was one of the recipients of the University of Toronto Student Leadership Award in 2024. In her spare time, Amy has been deeply involved in the Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering (CUBE) and has served as its co-president, fostering unity and providing invaluable opportunities for fellow students.

Faces of BME – Angelico Obille

As a graduate student navigating the complexities of bioadhesion research, Angelico Obille recognizes the importance of effective communication, both within the scientific community and to the broader public. Beyond his academic endeavors, Angelico's love for music, cultivated since childhood, serves as both a creative outlet and a metaphorical lens through which he views the scientific process.
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