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Faces of BME – Danielle Serra & Janice Pang

Meet Danielle Serra and Janice Pang, two exceptional individuals seamlessly balancing the demands of academia and their passion for curling. In this profile Q&A, the duo shares their unique journeys into the world of curling, from a chance encounter at a university event to becoming members of the University Varsity Curling team.

Teams focused on cell therapy and diagnostics win first and second place at the Building a Biotech Venture Pitch Competition

The injection of lab-made, healthy cells—referred to as a cell therapy — into a damaged heart could be a way to prevent that heart from failing. But to make this therapy a reality, the cells must be able to integrate and survive in patients’ bodies. That problem is exactly what Myoxa Therapeutics, the first-place winner at the Building a Biotech Pitch Competition, is working on solving.

Medicine by Design invests $1 million to advance bold new ideas in regenerative medicine

October 5, 2020 | Medicine by Design is supporting research aimed at advancing new concepts expected to be important to regenerative medicine in the coming years. The funded projects will have potential impacts in diseases and conditions such as vision loss, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), intestinal disease in premature babies and more.
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