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Solving healthcare problems through strategic consulting

Completed her Ph.D. in Dr. Paul Santerre’s lab in 2019, Dr. Meghan Wright always had a passion for entrepreneurship, business, and science. After graduating, Meghan interned briefly with the life sciences investment firm Bloom Burton & Co. as a consultant before joining Shift Health, a life sciences and healthcare strategy consulting firm located in Toronto. Now Meghan is working on projects across a wide range of areas – from the private sector to academia, to help transform healthcare.

International team awarded grant to investigate immune-modulating biomaterials for endometrium tissue engineering

January 11, 2022 | A new grant will look at the use of biomaterials for endometrium tissue engineering. The¥2,000,000, (approximately C$400,000) grant was awarded to the Faculty’s professor Paul Santerre and his former PhD student, Xiaoqing Zhang, now a faculty member at Binzhou Medical University in China, who are co-PIs on the grant.

New method can improve drug delivery in implants

May 26, 2021 | An innovative biomaterial discovery by researchers at the University of Toronto in collaboration with Ripple Therapeutics Inc., has established a method that yields better control over drug release profiles in implants and has the potential to disrupt the classical drug delivery market.

‘Our very first biotech win’: How U of T’s discovery of insulin made it a research and innovation powerhouse

November 4, 2020 | Paul Santerre, a professor in the Faculty of Dentistry and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, says the extent of progress on diabetes and insulin will partly depend on how well research breakthroughs from scholars like Brubaker can be married with efforts at commercialization and innovation.
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