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From brain-computer interfaces to commercial AI

Dr. Alborz Rezazadeh graduated from Dr. Tom Chau’s lab in 2018 with a specialization in electrical and biomedical engineering. Since then, Alborz delved deep into the AI field and assumed various roles in multinational companies such as Samsung, LG, and Recursion. Now working as a senior applied scientist at Amazon, Alborz reflects on his journey throughout his graduate experience and how his diverse set of experiences shaped his understanding of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Developing wearable technologies as a Senior Signal Processing Engineer

After completing her master’s degree in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) from Professor Tom Chau’s lab in 2019, Rozhin Yousefi embarked on a journey through adjacent industries, capitalizing on her expertise in signal processing, machine learning, and physiological data analysis. Now serving as the Senior Signal Processing Engineer at WHOOP, she specializes in developing and refining wearable devices aimed at tracking health and fitness.
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