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Celebrating the 40th Student Research Conference (ToBE)

This year's event featured keynote addresses from Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Dr. John-Ross Rizzo from NYU Langone Health, and Dr. Andrew Pelling from the University of Ottawa, all renowned for their groundbreaking work. The conference showcased student research, fostering academic discourse and networking, and included workshops on communication and entrepreneurship.

From brain-computer interfaces to commercial AI

Dr. Alborz Rezazadeh graduated from Dr. Tom Chau’s lab in 2018 with a specialization in electrical and biomedical engineering. Since then, Alborz delved deep into the AI field and assumed various roles in multinational companies such as Samsung, LG, and Recursion. Now working as a senior applied scientist at Amazon, Alborz reflects on his journey throughout his graduate experience and how his diverse set of experiences shaped his understanding of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Faces of BME – Amy Huang

Meet Amy Huang: a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in biomedical engineering and currently undertaking her thesis work in Professor Cristina Amon’s lab. Amy's journey into engineering was sparked by her passion for hands-on projects and her innate ability to turn abstract concepts into real-world solutions. Excelling in her academic pursuits, Amy was one of the recipients of the University of Toronto Student Leadership Award in 2024. In her spare time, Amy has been deeply involved in the Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering (CUBE) and has served as its co-president, fostering unity and providing invaluable opportunities for fellow students.

Faces of BME – Angelico Obille

As a graduate student navigating the complexities of bioadhesion research, Angelico Obille recognizes the importance of effective communication, both within the scientific community and to the broader public. Beyond his academic endeavors, Angelico's love for music, cultivated since childhood, serves as both a creative outlet and a metaphorical lens through which he views the scientific process.

Getting LIT: An alumni profile with Professor Jeffrey Karp

Professor Jeffrey Karp earned his PhD in collaboration with BME at the University of Toronto in 2004. Focusing on the philosophy of translation, he has since become a professor at Harvard Medical School, translating many of his research topics into commercially viable products – ranging from nasal sprays for disinfection to bioadhesive tapes used in surgery. Professor Karp recently published his first book, "LIT: Life Ignition Tools," discussing insights and advice gleaned from conversations with internationally renowned experts on building new habits.

Developing wearable technologies as a Senior Signal Processing Engineer

After completing her master’s degree in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) from Professor Tom Chau’s lab in 2019, Rozhin Yousefi embarked on a journey through adjacent industries, capitalizing on her expertise in signal processing, machine learning, and physiological data analysis. Now serving as the Senior Signal Processing Engineer at WHOOP, she specializes in developing and refining wearable devices aimed at tracking health and fitness.

Faces of BME – Ferdinand (Reke) Avikpe

Ferdinand (Reke) Avikpe, originally from Warri, Nigeria, came to Canada at 15 to pursue undergraduate degrees at the University of Winnipeg. Now he is pursuing AI research, focusing on computational models of stem cell differentiation under Dr. Cristina Amon at the University of Toronto.

Faces of BME – Isdora Msigwa

Meet Isdora Msigwa, a Mastercard Foundation scholar hailing from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, currently pursuing her MEng degree at the University of Toronto. Upon completing her studies, Isdora envisions herself thriving in the dynamic field of healthcare consulting, leveraging her expertise as both an R&D engineer and a Business Development Specialist within pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
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