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Advancing Drug Discovery Through Cutting-Edge Microscopy: An Alumni Q&A with Amine Driouchi

Amine Driouchi (BME2019) embarked on his science journey at King’s College London in biochemistry, and this eventually led to his PhD work in Dr. Chris Yip’s lab at the University of Toronto. Now he is working as a senior scientist for Eikon Therapeutics, a California-based biotechnology company that develops drug discovery technologies using super-resolution microscopy. Here, Amine shares his academic journey and what he is doing now at Eikon.

Shaping the Future of Medical Device Innovation: An Alumni Q&A with a Director of Product Development at MolecuLight

In this Alumni Q&A, meet Nikola Andric, the Director of Product Development at MolecuLight, where he spearheads the advancement of fluorescence wound imaging devices for bacterial load visualization and wound measurement. Graduated from BME MEng program in 2017, Nikola is leveraging his diverse skill set honed during his U of T Engineering days. His pioneering work not only showcases a transformative passion for revolutionizing wound care but also reflects his dedication to innovation, seamless communication, and staying at the forefront of medical device trends.

Exploring Quality Management and Medical Device Innovation: A Q&A with Epineuron’s Quality Manager

After completing his MEng degree at BME in 2021, Eric Wong embarked on his career at Epineuron Technologies, a medical device company that helps surgeons expedite nerve recovery through electro-stimulation after nerve-repair surgeries. Here, Eric provides valuable insights into Epineuron's breakthrough bioelectronic therapy, the challenges faced in the field, and the role of a Quality Manager in ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance.

Celebrating the 39th Student Research Conference (ToBE)

The 2023 Toronto Biomedical Engineering Conference, held at Hart House, took attendees on an exhilarating journey into the realm of artificial intelligence in biomedical engineering. This year’s conference attracted an impressive gathering of over 300 students, reflecting the growing fascination with the intersection of AI and healthcare.
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