Portrait of Aaron Wheeler

Aaron Wheeler

Professor & Canada Research Chair, Bioanalytical Chemistry


Research Stream: Molecular Engineering

Email & Telephone: directory.utoronto.ca | Office: Donnelly Centre, 160 College Street, Room 410

Main Appointments

  • Department of Chemistry
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Additional Appointments

  • Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research (CCBR)

Research Interests

Aaron Wheeler's research is focused on the development of lab-on-a-chip techniques for high throughput proteomics and drug discovery. This concept is meant to reduce reagent consumption and analysis time, the capacity to integrate multiple functions onto a single device, and the potential for high throughput analysis. One of the main technologies used in his research is digital microfluidics (or “DMF”). In DMF, discrete fluidic droplets are manipulated on the surface of an array of electrodes coated with a hydrophobic insulator. Currently, Aaron Wheeler is developing methods of microchannels and digital microfluidics for high-throughput bioanalytical applications.

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