Julie Audet


PhD, PEng

Research Stream: Cell & Tissue Engineering

Email & Telephone: directory.utoronto.ca | Office: 44 St. George Street

Main Appointments

Research Interests

  • Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in therapeutic cell manufacturing and development of algorithms for bioprocess optimization
  • Statistical design of experiments (DOE), response surface methodology (RSM) and bioprocess analytics

Julie Audet research focuses on the development of biological search algorithms and their applications in stem cell manufacturing processes. The algorithms Julie Audet develops operate iteratively with experimental measurements and are designed to take into account biological systems in their operations. Algorithm-based optimization processes generate data which can be extracted using bioinformatics tools providing insights to cellular and molecular mechanisms. Julie Audet and her lab work to show that these algorithms can facilitate the discovery of defined culture conditions for refractory precursor cells.

News & Stories

Representative Work

Kim MM and Audet J. On-demand serum-free media formulations for human hematopoietic cell expansion using a high dimensional search algorithm,Communications Biology (2019) 2:48, DOI: 10.1038/s42003-019-0296-7