Robert Pilliar

Robert Pilliar

Professor Emeritus

BASc (Toronto), PhD (Leeds), PEng

Research Stream: Cell and Tissue Engineering

Email: bob.pilliar@utoronto.caTel: 416 978-1463 | Office: Lassonde Mining Building (MB), 170 College Street, Room 315

Main Appointments

  • Department of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Load-Bearing Bone-Interfacing Surgical Implants

The major goal of this research is the development of novel implants for use In bone-interfacing applications.

For implants that are used to replace diseased or traumatically compromised dental or skeletal parts, a necessary requirement is that the implant form a stable bond to natural tissue and that over the long term an acceptable host response result.

To this end, the studies have concentrated on the development and investigation of porous coatings for metallic implants, bioactive ceramic coatings on metal substrates and, more recently, the study of novel composites for use either as coatings or in bulk form for permanent replacement prostheses and temporary (fracture repair) devices.

Ongoing studies include investigations of both so-called inert and biodegradable (absorbable/tissue-replaceable) materials.

Throughout the studies, there has been an emphasis on developing an understanding of reactions at the tissue-implant interface as well as proper characterization of the mechanical properties of the implant per se, both as fabricated and after in vivo exposure.

In this sense, there has been a strong attempt to develop novel biocompatible implants that could be used more reliably than available implants as well as being applied in new situations not possible with available prostheses.