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Solving healthcare problems through strategic consulting

Completed her Ph.D. in Dr. Paul Santerre’s lab in 2019, Dr. Meghan Wright always had a passion for entrepreneurship, business, and science. After graduating, Meghan interned briefly with the life sciences investment firm Bloom Burton & Co. as a consultant before joining Shift Health, a life sciences and healthcare strategy consulting firm located in Toronto. Now Meghan is working on projects across a wide range of areas – from the private sector to academia, to help transform healthcare.

Rethinking surgical safety as a culture as opposed to the end outcome

November 12, 2021 | Recently completing her graduate degree at BME, Amalia Gil continued her career path as a clinical implementation engineer, aiming to help improve surgical safety in operating rooms (ORs). By capturing videos, sound, and other data from the OR during operations – akin to a black box on an airplane – these technologies enable hospitals to gain insights into how to improve quality and safety in their ORs. Here she describes her role, and what the future holds for safe surgical practices.
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