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Celebrating the 40th Student Research Conference (ToBE)

This year's event featured keynote addresses from Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Dr. John-Ross Rizzo from NYU Langone Health, and Dr. Andrew Pelling from the University of Ottawa, all renowned for their groundbreaking work. The conference showcased student research, fostering academic discourse and networking, and included workshops on communication and entrepreneurship.

Faces of BME – Angelico Obille

As a graduate student navigating the complexities of bioadhesion research, Angelico Obille recognizes the importance of effective communication, both within the scientific community and to the broader public. Beyond his academic endeavors, Angelico's love for music, cultivated since childhood, serves as both a creative outlet and a metaphorical lens through which he views the scientific process.

Faces of BME – Ferdinand (Reke) Avikpe

Ferdinand (Reke) Avikpe, originally from Warri, Nigeria, came to Canada at 15 to pursue undergraduate degrees at the University of Winnipeg. Now he is pursuing AI research, focusing on computational models of stem cell differentiation under Dr. Cristina Amon at the University of Toronto.

Faces of BME – Isdora Msigwa

Meet Isdora Msigwa, a Mastercard Foundation scholar hailing from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, currently pursuing her MEng degree at the University of Toronto. Upon completing her studies, Isdora envisions herself thriving in the dynamic field of healthcare consulting, leveraging her expertise as both an R&D engineer and a Business Development Specialist within pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Faces of BME – Jemila Abdulai

Meet Jemila Abdulai, a vibrant member of the biomedical engineering community at the University of Toronto. Her aspirations upon graduating from the MEng program include venturing into the medical device industry, where she aims to apply her skills and knowledge for meaningful contributions.

Faces of BME – Danielle Serra & Janice Pang

Meet Danielle Serra and Janice Pang, two exceptional individuals seamlessly balancing the demands of academia and their passion for curling. In this profile Q&A, the duo shares their unique journeys into the world of curling, from a chance encounter at a university event to becoming members of the University Varsity Curling team.
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