Lueder Kahrs

Assistant Professor


Research Stream: Clinical Engineering

Email & Telephone:


  • Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (Undergraduate)
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Graduate)

Research Interests

Our research is centred around computer and robot assisted medical diagnosis and interventions. We address challenges in the research field of medical technology, that have a focus on optical, spatial, cognitive or manipulative limits.

Computer Vision for Diagnosis and Therapy

Our research is mainly dealing with camera-based procedures, including endoscopic and microscopic vision as well as webcams and volumetric imaging modalities like Optical Coherence Tomography

Medical Robotics

We are using robot simulations and experimental surgical robots like the da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK) or custom-built systems

Artificial Intelligence

We investigate with established and own new datasets, how machine learning and decision making can be applied in the medical domain

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