Portrait of Warren Chan

Warren Chan

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Nanobioengineering & Director


Research Stream: Molecular Engineering

Email & Telephone: directory.utoronto.ca

Main Appointments

  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Additional Appointments

  • Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research

Research Interests

Professor Warren Chan’s Integrated Nanotechnology & Biomedical Sciences Laboratory is interested in studying and understanding the proteomic and genomic changes associated with abnormal cells (e.g., cancer cells or virally-infected cells) and tissues. We aim to elucidate the cell’s molecular dynamics by using recent developments in nanotechnology (e.g., inorganic nanostructures), microtechnology (e.g., micro-electromechanical systems and capillary flow systems), and molecular engineering (e.g., phage-display) as well as engineering new instrumentation and techniques to address biological questions. A fundamental understanding of molecular processes with technology developments should lead to the design of novel diagnostic schemes and therapeutic strategies.

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