Portrait of Rita Kandel

Rita Kandel



Research Stream: Cell & Tissue Engineering

Email & Telephone: directory.utoronto.ca

Main Appointments

  • Clinician-Scientist & Chief, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Chair, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Rita Kandel's research focuses on developing regenerative medicine approaches using tissue engineering techniques, for articular cartilage repair and intervertebral disc repair. Currently, the treatment options for soft tissue injuries such as cartilage and ligament damage are limited. In the laboratory, we are using tissue engineering techniques to generate tissue that could be used to replace or repair damaged connective tissue.

Rita Kandel's research goals are to,

  1. Develop models of joint tissues, such as cartilage or intervertebral disc, which will allow for investigation of the mechanisms regulating tissue formation and degradation.
  2. Identify mechanisms regulating tissue formation following cell attachment to biomaterials or under stimulatory conditions such as mechanical stimulation.
  3.  Develop novel biological approaches to cartilage or intervertebral disc repair/replacement.

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