Portrait of Ofer Levi

Ofer Levi

Associate Professor


Research Stream: Molecular Engineering

Email & Telephone: directory.utoronto.ca | Office: Rosebrugh Building, 164 College Street, Room 408

Main Appointments

  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  • Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Our research interests include developing biomedical imaging systems and optical bio-sensors based on semiconductor devices and nano-structures, and their application to bio-medical diagnostics, in vivo imaging, and study of bio-molecular interactions. The goal of our work is to integrate sensor components into miniature functional bio-sensors and apply them to novel biology and bio-medical applications. As such, our research is interdisciplinary and include semiconductor device physics, optics, micro- and nano-fabrication, chemistry and applications in biomedical diagnostics, cancer studies and neurobiology.

News & Stories

Recent Publications by Ofer Levi (See here)

1)         E. Y. Zhu, C. Rewcastle, R. Gad, L. Qian and O. Levi, "Refractive-Index-based ultrasound sensing with photonic crystal slabs", arXiv:1812.03812 [physics.app-ph], submitted to Optics Letters, Feb. 2019

2)         D. Ringuette, J. Nauenberg, P. P. Monnier, P. L. Carlen, and O. Levi, "Data compression and improved registration for laser speckle contrast imaging of rodent brains," Biomed. Opt. Express  9, 5615-5634 (2018)

3)         D. Ringuette, M. A. Jeffrey, S. Dufour, P. L. Carlen, and O. Levi, " Continuous multi-modality brain imaging reveals modified neurovascular seizure response after intervention," Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 873-889 (2017)

4)         Sigal, M. M. Koletar, D. Ringuette, R. Gad, M. Jeffrey, P. L. Carlen, B. Stefanovic, and O. Levi, "Imaging brain activity during seizures in freely behaving rats using a miniature multi-modal imaging system," Biomed. Opt. Express 7, 3596-3609 (2016)

5)         R. Gad, W. T. Lau, C. Nicholaou, S. Ahmadi, I. Sigal, and O. Levi, "Tailoring of spectral response and spatial field distribution with corrugated photonic crystal slab," Optics Letters 40, pp. 3715-3718 (2015).

6)         D. Ringuette, I. Sigal, R. Gad, and O. Levi, "Reducing misfocus-related motion artefacts in laser speckle contrast imaging", Biomed. Optics Express, 6(1), pp. 266-276 (2015).

7)         Sigal, R. Gad, A. M. Caravaca, Y. Atchia, D. B. Conkey, R. Piestun, and O. Levi, “Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging with Extended Depth of Field for in-vivo Tissue Imaging ”, Biomed. Opt. Express, 5(1), pp. 123-135 (2014).

8)         C. Nicholaou, W. T. Lau, R. Gad, H. Akhavan, R. Schilling, and O. Levi, “Enhanced Detection Limit by Dark Mode Perturbation in 2D Photonic Crystal Slab Refractive Index Sensors”, Optics Express, 21(25), pp. 31698-31712 (2013)

9)         T. D. O'Sullivan, R. T. Heitz, N. Parashurama, D. B. Barkin, B. A. Wooley, S. S. Gambhir, J. S. Harris, and O. Levi, "Real-time, continuous, fluorescence sensing in a freely-moving subject with an implanted hybrid VCSEL/CMOS biosensor," Biomed. Opt. Express 4(8), pp. 1332-1341 (2013).

10)       N. Parashurama, T. D. O’Sullivan, A. De La Zerda,  P. El Kalassi, S. Cho, H. Liu, R. Teed, H. Levy, J. Rosenberg,  Z. Cheng, O. Levi, J. S. Harris, and S. S. Gambhir “Continuous sensing of tumor-targeted molecular probes with a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser based biosensor”,  J. Biomed. Opt. 17(11), pp. 117004 (2012)

11)       M. El Beheiry, V. Liu , S. Fan and O. Levi, “Sensitivity enhancement in photonic crystal slab bio-sensors”, Optics Express 18(12), pp. 22702-22714  (2010)

12)       T. D. O'Sullivan, E. A. Munro, N. Parashurama, A. De la Zerda, C. Conca, S. S. Gambhir, J. S. Harris, and O. Levi , “Implantable semiconductor biosensor for continuous in vivo sensing of far-red fluorescent molecules”, Optics Express 18(12), pp. 12513-12525 (2010).