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Harold Wodlinger

Adjunct Professor

PhD (University of Toronto)

Research Stream: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

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Contact Information

+1 905 707-9642 (office)
+1 416 276-8393 (mobile) (email)

Main Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Dr. Wodlinger (P.Eng.) is a biomedical engineer and private consultant/owner of Wodlinger Consulting where he provides strategic consulting services to the medical device industry, research and development, and assists physicians with the validation and licensing of inventions. He is a co-founder of Biomedical Instrumentation, a world-leader in cardiology systems used to diagnose electrical problems with the heart. His leadership and industry experience is impressive.

To date, Harold has significantly contributed to the IBBME M.Eng program through collaborating with Paul Santerre in graduate course development. Last fall, Harold co-developed and taught a new course BME1800F – Forensic Engineering Emphasis. Student feedback was strong and supportive. Based on its success, the course has been further developed and will run again this fall. Along with BME1801, these courses are providing critically unique elements to our growing M.Eng program. In addition, these courses are well-designed to support the new dual MD/M.Eng program this coming academic year.